Questions, questions…..and some clarity

As an EXTREMELY infrequent user of a blog, or really-anything in the form of an update–something has drawn me to write a bit.  However, the idea was only partially mine; more so, it was from the good folks I have had the honor and privilege of working with/for at my office. And as I have just passed the 15 years since my graduating Chiropractic School-this seemed like as good a time as any for an update.

In no fashion do I worry IF you, the reader–will have a reaction to this note.

Perhaps you will read it–great! Thank you in advance for that.  Perhaps you will ignore it–again–that is more than fine. And perhaps you might skim a bit, read some, let it go and not finish.  I have done that with some items-again, more than fine.

Some will just delete the link, not bother to see what is written and maybe even–ask me to be taken off any future list and notification.  THAT IS MORE THAN FINE!!! Whatever works for you……

Some of the things I have been asked with as reasonable/simple and straight-forward answers as I can offer.

QUESTION:  You have moved (again)–and you are not in Cherry Creek shopping area.  What gives?

ANSWER:  This is very true. For the 4th time, I have decided to move where I will be practicing. I am now in Aurora (since September 1, 2016)–out of an office that a colleague/friend runs (his name is Dr James Graham, the office is called Southeast Family Chiropractic).  It is off the intersection of Quincy Avenue and Parker Road–across from Cherry Creek State Park.  The reasons are many:  my lease was expiring in Cherry Creek.  My interest in that office space was waning.  The commute from my home to that space was growing very tiresome.  The interest and excitement of working out of that space had lessened, more than I realized before I made the decision to move.

While there are still a couple of colleagues in that old space that I miss seeing and working around–a few others had also decided to depart…which (probably) motivated me to make a change.  AND–my two young boys began requiring both more of my time and my availability–helping me make the final decision very easy.

Dr Graham has so generously offered me a place to work out of it–as much or as little as I desire.  The office is very nice and has everything I could ever want/need out of a chiropractic space.  He also, very kindly, allowed me to bring my most important equipment-helping me feel very much-right at home.

And I won’t bother sugar-coating the major reason-the new space is a mere 2.5 miles from my home, making my commute virtually care-free.  HOWEVER-this is far from just a convenience for me, it also does something I have long desired–it allows me to have MORE availability; more hours to use, more time to do what I want/need to do and definitely-more freedom to be able to do things from home or be close to my own ‘hood (for my boys and school/errands, etc).

I did not take this decision lightly nor did I make it quickly. I am guessing the thought started brewing almost 2 years prior.  Dr Graham and I were already colleagues and trading adjustment visits, so I knew his space and was comfortable going there.  I also had started discussing the move with EVERY SINGLE PATIENT that I saw.  To my  surprise-over 80% of the folks I spoke with either-Liked the area I was going to/thought it might be MORE convenient or–didn’t really care where I went, so long as I still could see them.  80% (yes, I kept immaculate track of this).  That is more than I expected and made the choice very, very easy.

And while I would never diminish or discount the 20% who felt the move was not good for them (out-of-the way/inconvenient/too far, etc, etc)–I have to go by what is best for business and this decision was just that–the best choice I could make.  I hope those who no longer are able to come by the new space have either found another chiro doc they like or may consider–even if only a few times–maybe, still wish to come see me.  It has/is/will always be–an honor to work with anyone who thinks enough of me and my work.  I do my best for every person and give it every ounce of my interest and energy–I only hope those who have come to see me and been treated–recognize that.

QUESTION:  You seem to be very casual  with your dress and appearance.  This isn’t what I am used to…most other doctors and clinics seem to ‘dress up’ more.  What’s the thought there…?

ANSWER:  I cannot argue with this idea, I am no style maven.  Nor do I even try to be.  And this is where I choose to let both my personality and my style try and represent what and who I am-as a doctor of chiropractic AND my non-office personality.  What I DO attempt to appear as–is professional, yet casual. Clean, well-groomed and neat, without being stuffy or over-dressed.  I have never been one to concern myself with ONLY being about appearances; hence–you will rarely, probably never-catch me with a button down dress shirt.  You will NOT see me wearing a tie.  Once upon a time I did try a lab coat and I have also attempted to wear scrubs.  The bottom line is simple; that is NOT me.

My job is very physically demanding and I am rarely sitting still.  I need both the flexibility and comfort of moving around–a lot.  And wearing golf shirts, khaki style pants and comfortable shoes are a choice I have made to afford me the best way to do such. And yes–occasionally-I will have on (what appears to be)-workout/exercise apparel.  Again–it’s about comfort more than fashion.  Usefulness over appearance.  Functional over fashionable.  It’s my choice and I am more than happy with that.  If folks think I am under dressed or not professional enough–I do understand. Truly.

However-we all can have an opinion–which means–nobody is wrong. I do NOT wish to look, act or be like anyone else; so I won’t even try to be. I also am not a fan of ‘judging’ others, especially on appearances, so I don’t particularly concern myself with being judged.  If you work with me, allow me to treat you as a chiropractor and get to know me–and are still questioning my clothing choices–perhaps I am simply not the right chiropractor for you. And that is fine!!!!  There are many, many incredible folks doing seriously good work out there–I would even help you find one that could be a better fit!

QUESTIONS:  What’s different at the new space?  Is it the same things you did at Cherry Creek (and if you have been around long enough–way back in the Tech Center)?

ANSWER:  Yes there are some new things.  And no–there are some things that won’t ever change.  I still have my adjusting table, that is my baby and that is where I do my best work. I do still have my ‘roller table’-it has stood the test of time and FAR and AWAY is most people’s favorite therapy. I do also still have my cold laser–because what it can do and help is beyond incredible.  I still have my two therapy devices–the hand held massage tool and the hand held ‘tapper’. These give me the ability to do muscle/deep tissue work and perform adjustments on folks in a way that I can manage to about anyone–the youngest and smallest to the oldest and largest; to folks that still are concerned over manual treatment (don’t like the noise or feeling).  I can maintain effectiveness in a variety of ways….and I know this from experience.

My  youngest patients were my two boys-within an hour of being born, they were each adjusted–using the gentle, tapper on their newborn spines.  Very light and specific moves to help them get their spines and nervous system off to healthy beginnings ((they are are both as healthy as children as you could ever want to see!). And my oldest patient was 93 years old; I also used the tapper on her–for safety reasons. She was wily enough to know that she wanted/needed and LOVED her adjustments–and my equipment allowed me the ability to help her with no concerns.

Dr Graham and I do use some new things here;  we have began selling CBD-creams, lotions and liquid droppers.  If you are not sure what CBD is–it’s very simple . CBD stands for Cannabinoid.  And what means is that these are from a Hemp plant.

Before anyone starts to presume anything–let’s be very clear. We are NOT selling pot/marijuana.  We are NOT a dispensary.  You do NOT get high from these products. You do NOT need a ‘red card’ to use these (a medical marijuana card from a prescription).  You also do not need a prescription.  And you won’t fail any blood or urine tests if you take these.

All these products are, are a very powerful and very safe and natural–way of managing a number of things. Mostly–pain control (the creams and lotions). The liquid droppers can also help manage pain, but they also help with:  focus/clarity/mental acuity/energy/ appetite control/sleep/digestion… name a few.  That’s the short version.

If you want to know more–and why wouldn’t you–these products are AMAZING!!!  Call, e mail or come see us, I will explain anything about them you would like to know.

QUESTION: Are you and this Dr Graham partners? Do you work for him?  Does his staff also work with/for you?

ANSWER: Very simply–no. I do not work for Dr Graham, nor does he work for me. Dr Graham has his own staff and is the boss at this space. They are available for care on Mondays/Wednesdays and Fridays–all day. And one Saturday a month from about 7 AM-9 AM.  They do not have any responsibilities to me, my patients or my business.  I run my own practice out of his space and I do so on days they are not in the office (except for Wednesdays–we tend to both be there, working). His staff can answer questions and guide you in a direction, should I not be available.  And in the event that someone would like an adjustment on a day I am not available-Dr Graham and his staff may be able to accommodate you, with some notice (he gets busy and they would have to find time for you).

We do work and treat patients very similarly. That is why he is MY chiropractor (yes, I do get treated-usually once a week or every other week.  And then I treat Dr Graham as well–we walk the walk!!).  I am very grateful for this arrangement–very few things keep me doing my best more than frequent adjustments!


QUESTION:  You seem to be a ‘family guy’.  Is that why your hours and availability are the way they are?

ANSWER:  YES!!!  YES!!! And twice on Sunday-YES!!  I have never shied away from the truth here–there is nothing more important to me than my family. And now that we have grown to 4 (if it has been some time since I last saw you–My oldest-Jack-will be 7 in August and our youngest-Lucas-will be 2 in late July)-they are my ‘everything’.

I consider myself to have 3 jobs:  a husband, a father and a chiropractor.  And each one is extremely important to me and requires everything I have to give.  And I accept those responsibilities happily and willingly.  The biggest difference between those jobs–is that there is only one I could (potentially-but at no time soon) retire from.

My lovely wife (Emily) and I are so fortunate to have some flexibility and control over our work and schedules. We take turns with who works and who is around to take care of the boys.  We both work part-time (she works around 30-35 hours a week, I am a bit less than that)–and we both are able to be around for our boys and each other.  I wouldn’t trade this for anything–because I get to be a part of their everyday lives and am available and present for about everything they do and that goes on.  I am a lucky man.

And this has led to the when and how I keep hours for the office.  When I am not with my wife and children is when I tend to keep hours.  And I have also used-what I believe-is something that makes me different and used it to my advantage:

-most people are accustomed to a standard weekday of 9:00 AM-5:00 PM with a lunch hour in the middle.  Monday through Friday.  I decided that to help folks consider  having time to swing by to get worked on–I would have time during the day–which I do on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  My lunch hour is not anywhere near when most folks tend to have off.

-I would also keep an evening open–much later than most people ever would–and that is on Tuesdays when I am here to upwards of 8:00 PM. I also have (at least) 2 Saturdays a month with times available, which is also something of a rarity these days, at least in my profession.

The only times I do not tend to have available are very early mornings–and that is a whole separate thing:  The truth is that I am not a morning person. I have worked at 2 other clinics that began seeing folks at 7:00 AM (which meant getting there around 6:30 A.M).  While I get how some folks like that and some doctors functional very well at the time–I am not one of them.  I knew very quickly that my best hours and my mental focus was best at a later time and there was nothing I ever found that was going to change that.  If I expect and demand to give and be the best version of myself–and I would hope that is what folks who come to see me expect–than that best version is a times when I am most capable of being just that–and that is NOT at 7:00 A.M.!!


That’s all I have for now. If you made it this far–thank you!  I appreciate the time you took here.  I realize nobody is ready to hand me any Pulitzer Prize for my writing or content. It was never my intention to do anything other than get some ideas and information out that had been scurrying about the back of my brain.

I will probably attempt to keep a better frequency of these, as I come up with other topics.  If you did read through and wouldn’t mind reading more in the future–again–thank you!!


Take care, be well. And at any time–my door is always open and my ears are ready to listen if you have questions, comments or concerns.


Yours in health and wellness




































Dr Greg Wolgin

AKA Dr Greg, Dr G, Dr W, Dr G Dub and many more….


Colorado….a bucket list from me

In just a few weeks, I will have spent exactly 11 years living in Colorado.  This state has been everything I could have ever dreamed of, and more.  I have grown my practice here, met my wife here, had our son born here–and done a TON of things.

Now, anyone that knows me-would know that the basic things I care to do-could be done about anywhere.  I am not that tough to figure out–give me some nice weather and some time–and I can usually find a golf course, a decent sports bar with a deck or patio or some softball fields to hang out at, and I am thrilled.

however, I have made my way around (some, not nearly enough) of the state and done some really great things.  I think this small, and VERY limited and need-to-grow-by-a-lot list is a pretty good start.  If you live here or spent a good amount of time here, I think you will agree that this is one cool state.

-go do ANYTHING at Red Rocks. See a concert, see a movie (during the summer, this happens a bunch), go in the morning and exercise, go visit and just walk around, go to a religious affair. Doesn’t matter.  This is one of the most amazing places I have ever been.  Just go!

-Drive through any one of the beautiful (and slightly terrifying) passes.  Berthoud, Loveland, Independence the ride up Pike’s Peak and the dozens of others.  They are scenic, dramatic, VERY high and not always guarded by rails. But man, you get to see some of the most breathtaking views, ever.  I have ONLY nearly ‘passed” out on a handful of them (I don’t love heights nor unguarded, twisting roads).

-Ski/Board/Sled, etc.  Barely more than an hour’s drive from Denver proper is some of the best skiing this country has.  Vail, Beaver Creek, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin. I have been lucky enough to try all of them-it’s worth it! I have tubed at a few of these places and I am sure there is great sledding, too. Not a problem around here

-Ski at a more destination spot.  Steamboat, Aspen, Telluride,Wolf Creek etc.  I am not even an avid skiier, but I know these are worth it.  If you are in Aspen/Snowmass-MUST go to the Maroon Bells.  Famous for a reason…’s gorgeous (not for skiing, but does that matter?)

-do the one day sports man special–Ski and Golf in one day. Sadly, I haven’t done that, but I will.

-Botanic Gardens. I have no green thumb nor any real interest in gardening, but this place is pretty cool. And it is right in the middle of the city.  Nice lights during winter holiday season.

-Zoo.  Awful good one, here and easy to get in and out of. Centrally located, too.

-Museum (nature or children’s).  Since my son was born, this has been a great activity-again, Denver has a nice couple of places to visit.  The Art Museum here is pretty cool, too.  The whole downtown Art Complex is a great place.

-Holiday Lights.  Especially City and County Building around Christmas and New Year’s. Beautiful.

-REI.  The one downtown is incredible.  Go!

-Coors Field–sit in the Rock Pile.  In old Detroit Tiger Stadium-the cheap (and fun) seats were the center field bleachers. Same goes here, during the day in the summer-just a lovely spot to be.

-Lodo,Highlands, (Lo Hi), Larimer Square, 16th Street Mall. We are awful lucky to have a nice, safe and easy downtown to hang out in.  Lots to do, rather simple to walk around and enjoy.  Broadway is a fun place, Baker area.

-Bronco game and tailgate.  If you are a sports fan here, the Broncos are king.  The games are great and the fans are some of the best around.  Tailgating is a treat.

-National Stock Show/Western Show. Haven’t been–but heard it’s a lot of fun.

-Frontier Days.  This is over an hour away in Cheyenne, Wyoming–but it was worth the drive.  Can’t wait to go back.  Little something for everyone

Hiking, Biking, Camping, Fishing.  I know I need to add these to the list.  I don’t particularly like doing any of those, but I know this is SOOOO well liked here!

-Brewery. There are SO many here, might as well visit one!

The mountains–in the summer.  think this is just a cold, wintery, snowy state?  Wrong and very wrong at that.  The mountains during the warmer seasons are glorious.

-Hot Springs.  You live in or near mountains,  you are going to find a lot of these.  Our favorites are the Strawberry Springs in Steamboat but there are tons and tons to go to. So relaxing, but perhaps maybe go during the daylight (clothing seems to be optional once night falls.  Little creeped out by that part..)

-Boulder.  That town just has a cool vibe.  Not my kind of place to live necessarily (I have done my time in a college dominated town) but pretty awesome to have it so close and easy to get to.

-Colorado Springs—not my cup of tea in regards to living, but an awful lot of nice things to do.  Garden of the Gods, Pike’s Peak, Air Force Academy, some great golf and I hear trying to walk/run up the Incline is insane (I won’t be trying that anytime soon!).

-Partially a joke-but E and C 470. You ever want to know what driving on the Autobahn is like, go on portions of these (yes, there are tolls in some parts) and it is almost a free-for-all. I have been going at least 90 MPH before and been passed by a lot of cars, easily.  Long and relatively straight….just don’t get caught by the cops!

-Lowry Air Museum.  Old Hanger with old planes, cool stuff.

-Parks.  Apparently Denver has more of these than anywhere else.  Pick one–Wash Park is my fav.  Walk, run, bike, roller blade, volleyball, frisbee, dog-friendly, hang out–whatever.  Not much you can’t do.  Great people watching, too.

-haven’t been to Elitch Gardens, supposed to be more fun than I imagined.

-Pearl Street (Denver) Another great area with a cool vibe. Restaurants and shops galore…….Pearl Street in Boulder is great, too!!

-Water Activties (??).  Chatfield, Cherry Creek, Boulder, Dillon Reservoir.  coming from Michigan, where there are lakes EVERYWHERE, and a few VERY big ones–I kind of giggle at this. But hey, you can get your water sports on here, if you so desire.

-Pumpkin Patch-Chatfield.  Just took my boy for the first time this year–pretty cool.

-Heritage Square-Golden.  Games, rides for the whole family.  The dry sled thing could be fun, if it went a little faster.

-Music. Denver has a rather great music scene.  You must go to see a show at Red Rocks, that is a no brainer (why I already mentioned it). But you have to include the numerous places on Colfax, too.  The Ogden, Fillmore and Bluebird Theater are really fun venues. Grizzly Rose for some country and honky tonk.  Soiled Dove Underground (literally under the Tavern at Lowry) is a low key, cool place. Little Bear (Evergreen).Once upon a time there was a Mile High Music Fest (only lasted about 2 years), a Lodo Music Fest (ended years ago) and a very decent Octoberfest.  I have a handful of friends who are very tuned into the scene and they rave about the ability to catch great shows here, often.

-Evergreen.  Cool little city, easy drive, lots to do.  Mountain town very close to Denver.  Idaho Springs and Georgetown aren’t much further, also great little towns.

-Drive from Metro Denver down to Colorado Springs by way of Parker Road (83).  LOVELY drive and hey, you don’t have to bother with traffic on I-25.  You might see an Emu or Llama farm, definitely some buffalo!

-go to Ted’s or any decent place that serves buffalo.  Holy $%&# that is some good meat, right there.

-hit the Rio (Grande) for margaritas.  There is a reason they prefer you not to have more than 2. Because they WILL knock you on your butt.  The one on Blake is crazy…..

-Beau Joe’s-pizza. this is a treat and I think the one in Idaho Springs is the best one around.

-Brown Palace hotel. I am biased, My wife said ‘yes’ to my marriage proposal there, so it holds a special place in my heart.  We have eaten at the Sunday brunch–to die for (and maybe, from….it is obscene).  I hear the high Tea is pretty cool, too.  We have stayed there a few times, just a wonderful, old, classy hotel.  Might be haunted, too. Speaking of which…

-Estes park.  Just a bit north of Boulder.  Quaint, beautiful town, tons of activities. Oh, for the interested–The Stanley Hotel.  yeah, the one where The Shining was based on (the original movies was NOT filmed here, but the more recent one apparently was). it is creepy

-Comedy Clubs.  Great Comedy works downtown has become a go-to date place for the wife and I, they have great comedians all the time.  And their sister place in the Tech Center is also fun, another cool date night activity.

-If you are ever in downtown, Larimer Square/Writer’s Square area–go to Rocket Fizz. yeah–it’s a candy store. Vintage candy store. I DEFY anyone to go in there and NOT buy something. Candy, old fashioned toys, tin signs, replica music posters, and it stays open late (catering to the crowds!).  We can’t go downtown without stopping in there and ALWAYS find something great.  For the Detroit folk–they carry Faygo!!!


-Golf–almost anywhere.  No shortage of fun, tough golf courses. Whether in Denver proper, the burbs or especially in the mountains, one should have no issue finding a great place to spend a day (Arrowhead, Bear Dance and Fossil Trace are some of the more obvious MUST TRY places.  But there are plenty of other really nice places, too).  The City courses are tons of fun!

-I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my favorite whole-in-the-wall, bar.  Since I play softball 2 blocks from it–got to give it props.  If you want a good place to grab a beer, burger, watch a game and have some awfully friendly staff–go to Rome’s Bar and Saloon.  You won’t be sorry.

-Oh, and for my money–the best burger in the city is the Cherry Cricket.  I have tried a ton of places, nothing is better.  Another fun place is the Bull and the Bush.  Best logo I have ever seen and good food and vibe.

-if you are a night owl, like to hit bars and need a late night place for grub, MUST go to Pete’s cafe. there are dozens of places open late, but none have better food than Pete’s.  It’s a late night, Denver Institution.

-Denver seems to enjoy hosting outdoor movies.  We saw one at Infinity park last year (princess bride).  You can do that in any number of places (previously mentioned doing so at Red Rocks.  When was the last time you saw a great movie with a couple thousand people, outside, in one of the most majestic settings imaginable??)

This list is awful small and very partial to me and my interests.  I can only imagine the locals and other homegrowns who might either frown at how little I have done or the importance I have put on some activities. I make no apologies–certain things just don’t appeal. I won’t be actively searching out a way to get to Casa Bonita.  Nor horse back riding.  Nor kayaking crazy rapids or off mountain trails for insane skiing/boarding. I won’t climb a 14er nor free climb anything.  Not my style.

I have plenty of things left to do and (hopefully)plenty of time to do it.  I would always appreciate some advice on some things I may have missed or can’t think of.  I’ll get to most of them….because this amazing state is here for the enjoying!  And that is why I just love it here.

What I am thankful for……2013 edition

As we are now past Christmas of 2013 and have just a week left before New Year’s-I (like many folks), find myself reflective.  While my memory is not what it once was and I am not a journal sort of person, this last year has brought us a number of things to be thankful for.  Some of them are:

-continued health and wellness for myself, and my family.  At the prime age of 42 now, this is no easy task. I don’t exercise nearly as much as I should.  I don’t sleep as long as I’d like.  I don’t eat as well as I know I can.  I still like cigars and beer and scotch.  I adore my morning coffee.  Yet I still maintain the same basic physical structure I have had for most of my adult life. I live in a state that has virtually no humidity and less oxygen (that could be good or tough, all depends on perspective), but I can still take a deep breath.  I still have my hair, although it seems to be rapidly changing colors (we refer to the newer colors as albino……).My clothes still fit and I rarely get sick or infirmed.  With just a little more effort, I think I could keep this up a while….

-a new home to grow into, and (perhaps) one day-add to our family numbers. The neighborhood has been great and better yet-Quiet!

-a different car (I know, completely superficial, but my Jeep was a POS).  Issue solved, LOVE my VW CC.

-a new school for my little guy; one that TRULY serves and caters to HIS needs, not the other way around.  It wouldn’t seem proper, but the first school he went to absolutely failed him, and us.  They wanted all their kids to fit into a pattern of behavior that they preferred, so it was easier.  We hold them in very low regard and were/are extremely disappointed in their laziness, lack of vision and effort and overall method to steer kids to other levels.  My son does what he does and will never be a sheep.  I will make sure of that–so when a school almost ‘expects’ 3 year olds to act a certain way, be a certain way and do what THEY expect a 3 year old to do–well, shame on you. You didn’t just lose a child, you lost a family and potential congregants in the future.  We won’t miss you and I am rather shocked that nobody bothered to even find out precisely WHY we moved him so quickly, in the middle of a school year. Sadly–they either don’t care, were relieved to not have to ‘take care’ of Jack or barely noticed.  Much like many other institutions nowadays, he felt more and more like a number, a part of a bottom line, than a growing child/individual. And if we ever catch any place doing that to our son, then we will act accordingly, swiftly and WILL make our feelings known!!  I promise……that school and especially their admin can kiss our butts and go screw themselves.  you are a sorry bunch of individuals….

-a NICE year for concerts and music..  Springsteen, Seger, Kid Rock—-I could think of a lot worse shows to attend

-Great trips and extended family time. Florida, Michigan, Texas………we loved all our time away and have a REALLY great 2014 outlook for places to go

-my patients.  I am about ready to complete my 10th full year in practice, 8th as an owner.  I will never take my patients, nor my job, for granted.  THEY are the reasons I do what I do and my quest to be better is for them.  I honor them by always trying to find new ways to improve myself, my office and my approach to care.  I love my work and am so thankful to be able to do this for a living!  I am human and would never bother B.S. ing any one to say that I ALWAYS look forward to being at the office. But once that first person of the day steps in, my focus turns on and I am that other version of ‘me’ again.  The Doctor of Chiropractic version…..and that is a cool thing, in my book.  The path was long and difficult to get here, but totally worth it.

-my wife.  Obviously this list is in no order, because she would be at the top.  My Emily is the greatest woman I could ever want to be with.  Each year makes me remember how far we have come, how much we have done, how much more we are hoping/planning to do-together.  she is my rock (even though she says I am hers), my heart beat, my sense of humor and a part of my own personality. Rarely a thought or activity goes by, on ANY day, that doesn’t involve her.  I do almost all things for her or what it may mean to her.  She has made me a better man, husband and father.  They don’t make a stronger word for how I feel about her, than LOVE.  Unconditionally and perpetually….love.

-my son.  Jack turned 3 in August.  He is a magical little boy.  Of course all parents say that, and I hope they all feel that way.  Having now been around a lot of other children and families, whether friends/colleagues/family/patients–I have seen what others children are like.  I don’t wish to compare and I certainly think we are very fortunate to have seen a ton of wonderful children.  However, there is something VERY special about our little boy, of which I take almost no credit for.  It’s in his eyes and his spirit……it is tangible, yet subtle.  This boy has a bright future and is somehow (at the risk of sounding like Tiger Wood’s father) going to have a huge impact on the world.  I have no clue how or why, I just have this ‘feeling’.  I love him like I have loved nothing else in my life and just crave hearing some of the things he says to me.  “I love you, daddy.  You are my best friend.  Can you play with me?”  Melts my heart, every time.

-my family.  I have AMAZING parents.  They just celebrated their 46th anniversary and that is just plain impressive.  Especially nowadays.  We are so fortunate to be able to see them about 4-5 times a year–not that easy when we live in Colorado and they are in Michigan.  My wife gets along with them so well and they love her like she is their own.  My brother–still my closest confidant and probably my closest person (even if he may not feel that way about me, I don’t care).  His wife and family are wonderful, we miss them greatly as we only see them once a year or so.

My wife’s family is just a treat, I could not have chosen a better family to marry into. We are also very lucky to have her mom and sister very close by. Between them, my mother-in-law’s significant other and a soon to be, new brother in law–man, I got it good!  And my wife’s family, extended–from Florida, to Texas and many other points, coolest most fun people around.  I now REALLY look forward to Thanksgiving (No, when we first began visiting, I was nervous and overwhelmed by them).  The trips are so fast but worth every second.  And get better every year.  My brother in law and I have gotten closer and closer, every year. Big Simon (who is NOWHERE near as big as he used to be–having lost 75 pounds) was so incredible to invite me to join him in Orlando for a trip, once in a lifetime golf outing with the Arnold Palmer Invitational.  I caddied for him in a pro am and will have memories of that, forever.  Plus–a trip to Universal Studios and a day of roller coasters didn’t suck, either!!  Love that big boy…..and his wife and children are the greatest.

-Finally, to anyone that bothers reading my thoughts.  These are not necessarily informational (yet), controversial (debating that for the future posts) or terribly insightful. I am well aware of that. I have mentioned before–these are cathartic. I have thoughts and ideas and feelings and this is an easy way to express them.  Judge me, disagree with me, become bored of these–whatever.  Doesn’t even matter–I write and then unhook from it.  I feel better once I am done and that is my primary, albeit temporary goal.  In the future, I do plan on writing on topics that may be deeper, stranger, more eye opening and controversial. I have strong opinions, I read a ton and I research quite a bit. Because I like to learn new things…..and when someone learns, they grow.  

Can you think of a better reason to write, read and think?  I had better, because I ain’t getting any younger or better looking!  I would rather grow more gray matter than pounds, connect more synapses than belt buckles and age gracefully, not lazily.  Join me, if you like.  I might enjoy the company!


Le Chi am (“to life”, to those that don’t know what I was trying to write there… clue how to spell that).


As we head, rapidly, towards 2014

Today is simply a couple of random thoughts.

– I know time never really moves any faster or slower, however–did 2013 just explode by?  I know I was there and I don’t feel like I missed anything–but man, how is it mid December already?

-A lot of friends/colleagues and patients had a tough 2013.  I have sympathy for anyone who had plans, ideas, hopes and dreams that simply did not work out the way one hoped.  That stinks, but it is also part of life.  Hope and expect the best, plan for the worst–not much else you can do except roll with it.  What doesn’t kill is, is supposed to make us stronger, no?

-I actually like the fact that both Christmas and New Year’s eve fall on a Tuesday this year.  I have warned and planned and hoped to have some seriously needed time off around that juncture in year’s past–and alas, I rarely get it.  This year is different, the way those holidays are coming MUST include some time off, mid week.  And I am going to be taking the maximum of time off that I can…because I need it.

-2014 is shaping up to be rather incredible.  My wife’s sister will be getting re-married, to a wonderful man.  Very excited and happy for them and to have a great, new brother-in-law.  Two of our dearest friends are also getting married, so happy for them as well.  And one of my favorite cousins in the world will probably be taking the plunge–THAT should be incredible!!!  We also have plans now to visit Florida, Northern Michigan (in the summer, of course), our Rocky Mountains, Cheyenne Frontier Days, New York and probably Dallas.  And those are the trips i know of, I bet more come up!!

-My parents are about to celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary–holy shit!  It’s easy to count, I just add 4 more years to my birthday and there you have it!  That is just an awful long time and they still love (and like!) each other, very much.  I have great role models for how to make it work!!

-I have promised myself that with my free time during the holidays AND my promise to learn a new craft for work–that I am going to learn a heck of a lot more about my Cold Level Laser, so I can be even better at helping patients. I already knew I had one of the most powerful, yet simple pieces of equipment that has been produced in years.  Yet, I believe, I have barely scratched the surface on what it can do and who it can help.  Now–I am going to find out!!  It’s a win-win–this makes me a better doctor and can ONLY benefit my patients.

-Lastly–in case anyone is wondering-I think New Year’s resolutions are crap.  There is a reason that few (if any) are kept–because they are not designed to. We tend to put an awful lot of pressure on the turning of a New Year into a life changing event.  Why do we do it?  How does the calendar switching, truly, have anything to do with goals, ideas and hopes we think we need to set?  Why can’t you do something major in say-September?  Or March?  i did a detox/cleanse last year–in the middle of December.  No good reason, that was when I felt like it. I will probably start another one here, soon–before the New year. I have an idea of a new exercise program–and I am going to put it in place before the New Year?  Why would I do such a thing–because I can.  I don’t need a time change to dictate when to better myself or make changes. No, I am a reasonably smart, rather cynical and sometimes highly motivated person.  I occasionally will buy flowers for my wife–for no reason (or holiday).  I buy her chocolates all the time (yes, I have a few).  I take her out on date nights a few times a month.  We get my son gifts at intervals that make no sense–because we can.  I tell all the people that I need to-I love them.  Because I can, and should-often.

No, I won’t be making a resolution this year–much like I haven’t in years past.  My resolution, if you wish to call it such, would be this:  Make this coming year the best yet.  That’s is.

I love anyone who bothers reading this blog!  These are going to be cathartic to me, I can already see that.  They may wind up as a cure for insomnia for some–cool by me.  I like to help where I can–even if by accident!!


Greg ” GDub” Wolgin-Husband/Father/Dr of Chiropractic/Ballplayer and golfer………..not too shabby at any of them, either